To allow for identification, resistors are usually marked with colored bands. Often refered to as color codes, these markings are indicative of their resistance, tolerance and temperature coefficient. gResistor helps you translate resistor color codes into a readable value. All you have to do is watch the colors on the resistor and then enter them in the program. As you enter colours you’ll see that the resistor value is changing accordingly.



The application landed on flathub, now you can install using :

$ flatpak install flathub eu.stethewwolf.gresistor

And then you can run :

flatpak run eu.stethewwolf.gresistor


You can install gResistor using the command :

$ pip install gResistor

Source Code

If you want, you can clone the git repo and run directly the script on your machine:

$ git clone

$ cd gresistor

$ python install

Run the program

To run the program just:

  • type gresistor3
  • click the icon in ‘Applications>Accesories>gResistor’

Report an Issue

Pleas if you find an error or if you want to propose something new, please visit this page


This is based on the application developed by ‘Pop Gheorghe’ and downloaded from sourceforge

Resistor color codes are explained

Many information, such description and desktop files came from the old debian package

List of the colors code got from here

This project is hosted on GitHub